Dancing and Delight

My first month of my internship at Alternatives for Girls has flown by, and I can’t even begin to think of everything I’ve learned, felt and experienced over the past four weeks. This past Wednesday was the last day of after-school programming at AFG. As I mentioned in previous posts, our middle school group had been working on their indigenous dances for the final performance.

So last Tuesday, they rehearsed one last time for several hours, trying to get every step right. Then came the day we had been waiting for! When I walked into the main room during the typical homework time, it was full of giggling and animated chatter – excitement echoing off every wall. The little girls were going to be making ice cream to sell to the parents and guests, donating the profits to homeless in the community.


The middle school girls gathered in the VCR Room in the back, having their hair and makeup done by professionals. I sat in the corner “supervising,” and taking in the emotions surrounding me. I watched one girl bounce up and down in the chair as she waited to get her makeup done. Another girl stood in the corner wearing the authentic blouse and skirt she had been chosen to wear, beaming from ear to ear. A particularly quiet young woman sat getting her hair done, looking more confident than I’d ever seen her before.

FullSizeRender (1)_censoredIMG_6239_censored*

Before we knew it, it was time for the girls to perform their first dance. I stood in the back and teared up as they danced the steps they had practiced for so many weeks. The parents were holding up iPhones and cameras trying to catch photos of their beautiful daughters being incredible. It’s been a really incredible month, and I am so excited to accompany the middle school girls on some field trips and college visits during the month of June. We will be preparing for our summer camp starting in July, so I have a lot of fun ahead of me!

(This is a precious card one of the middle schoolers made me on our last day. It was so, so sweet!

*censored for confidentiality purposes




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