On Never Being Too Late

We’ve been traveling in Europe for four days now, and it’s already been so surreal. We are currently in Liverpool in England and I’ve been reflecting on the experiences we’ve had so far.

The other night, we went on a pub-crawl in Dublin, and it was such an awesome experience! We went to six pubs with a free drink/shot at each one, but that wasn’t even the good part. It was so cool to meet so many people that were also traveling around Europe and even more to meet so many local Dubliners.

At the first pub, I was leaning over the bar to order my drink and apologized to the lady whom I was very close to. She laughed and asked me where I was from in a clearly American accent. I told her I was from Louisiana and she asked where. When I told her, she told me she was from a town really close to where I was born. It was absolutely crazy. I was at a random pub in a city in Ireland and I was at a bar with a woman who was from a city less than hour away from me.

At a pub an hour or two later, we were talking with an Irish local named Paddy who told us so many amazing things about living in Dublin and giving us a thousand reasons to come back and visit some day.

Later on towards the end of the night, we were outside of one pub talking to one of the guides named Rory. He sort of started drunkenly ranting about different things and at one point he started talking about traveling. He talked about his plans to travel to Asia. He talked of how he just wanted to do things and to travel the world while he was young before it was too late. He told us about a poem by Charles Bukowski called Oh Yes. I will write it here for you:

there are worse things than

being alone

but it often takes decades

to realize this

and most often

when you do

it’s too late.

and there’s nothing worse


too late.

That stuck with me. The conversation we had me think about this trip I’m currently taking around Europe and how important traveling and taking risks is. Going new places and seeing new things has been so vital to the shaping of my personality and morals. I am constantly changed when I travel, and this trip is no different. From trying new foods to discovering I sort of like Guinness to sleeping on beds that feel like a wooden slab to getting lost on the Tube in London, all of these things are so important to me and in developing who I am. I am made from my experiences, and there isn’t a thing about them I would want to change.

So I want to travel and I want to learn. I want to experience things other people never get to because they don’t try and then realize it’s too late. There is nothing worse than too late, and I vow to try. I vow to never think that I am too late.


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