On Dublin Brews and Chews

Jet lag is real.

Like so really real.

We left Indianapolis last night at around 5 PM and after lots of hours and sleeping pills and crying babies later, we landed in Dublin at 9:30 AM Ireland time – a beautiful 3:30 AM Eastern time. We were exhausted, but so excited. We practically skipped through customs and to collect our luggage in baggage claim.

I pulled my big, bulky suitcase off of the luggage carousel to discover a huge, gaping crack in the hardback of the case on the front – like crack in the universe from Doctor Who big. So that required some patience (and plans to buy some duct tape later on in the trip), but other than that, we were ready to hit the road!11659225_917035841696600_6554145079928664298_n

Sleepy and groggy, we dragged our stuff through the Irish rain to the bus that took us through the city of Dublin to our hostel – a revamped old Jameson storehouse. Our first day pretty much just consisted of a short walking tour and dinner. We were all pretty exhausted (really exhausted) by the end of the day and had a pretty early night.

* * *

After a great, solid nine hours of sleep, we woke up super refreshed and hopped on the bus for our sightseeing tour of Dublin. We saw the best sights in the city, and had a nice, cheeky Nando’s for lunch near Grafton Street.


After lunch, we set off for the Guinness Storehouse on a city bus. While on the bus, I started to have a conversation with one of the other guys on the trip from Mississippi, sharing our lives from back home. As it turns out, he’s really good friends at school with people I went to high school with and I was shocked! It’s crazy that I can come all the way to Europe and find someone with mutual friends. Small world, huh?

The tour of the Guinness Storehouse was so incredible, getting to see every step of making that infamous Irish delight. At the end of the tour of the storehouse, we learned from an adorable Guinness expert how to craft the perfect, pint-pouring art.IMG_3011

IMG_3009After receiving a certificate for our newfound talents, we sipped our beers (like maybe three sips – gross!) at the 7th floor bar overlooking the city.

It’s been really incredible so far and we continue to wonder how we could have only been here for two days so far. We have so many days ahead of us and so many new places to discover! Let the adventures continue!

Slainte! (Cheers!)



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