Chicken Buses and Guatemalan crêpes

A little belated, but yesterday was a pretty laid back and disconnected day for me. I began my morning drinking some of the free coffee at the volunteer headquarters, doing some research on local activities to do this weekend before leaving. I then went down to the Parque de Central and spent a few hours reading and sipping a smoothie from a nearby café. The park is built around a huge fountain and listening to the water flowing was so calming. After that, I walked around the market for a little while and then headed back to my house to change and meet a friend for brunch.


We went to a crêpe place called La Luna de Miel with a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the city. The food was delicious. I got a pesto and mozzarella crêpe with a Coke and we sat there moaning with delight over the view and the food and everything else.


Then we hung out in the park and walked around the market some more before hopping on one of the “chicken buses” to go to our volunteer placement. The chicken buses are the form of transportation in Guatemala. They are called chicken buses because of the way the people pack into them the way they transport chickens – really close together. The buses are only 4Q ($0.52 USD) to take to and from my placement in Dueñas, and they tend to play surprisingly great music. Yesterday we were dancing to ABBA and Michael Jackson. Our first day we were weirdly surprised when Baby by Justin Beiber came on the radio during our trek.


I spent placement working with the kids on writing, saying sounds and doing simple addition problems. It’s so awesome seeing how excited they get when they get something right in class. This one girl I was working with yesterday absolutely loves math. She gets incredibly excited when she counts the number on her fingers and I say the answer is correct. It’s adorable. 

After placement, Camila and I went to the supermarket to grab some snacks for our volcano hike today. We found the two cutest puppies for sale at the pet store next door and had to fight the burning desire to buy them. After eating some dinner, a few of us went out for some cake and coffee before spending a chill evening at home reading and going to bed early. 

I’m incredibly excited to hike up the Pacaya volcano later today! I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to so many friends tonight as many of them leave for a weekend trip to the Tikal ruins. Unfortunately, I will be long gone by the time they get back. It’s so sad to think that my stay here is coming to an end, but I’m so excited for the last few days to come!


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