On New Friends

This morning, I was in an interview for a position as a camp counselor for this upcoming August. The camp is put on by a nonprofit organization that reaches out to kids whose parents have or have had cancer. This is the only nonprofit organization that exists to help this specific community. I was immediately intrigued by this group when I saw their table at Festifall back in September, considering that I was actually included in the group that they were helping. I knew that something like this camp was something that my little sister would have loved to go to. It was a different kind of service and one that perfectly fit my experiences and interests.

So in this interview this morning, I was just thinking the entire time about how much I wanted to get this position. I wanted to do something with the bad experiences I had to help other kids going though the same stuff. After all the questions I sort of expected, my interviewer asked something that caught me a little off guard. “What has been your favorite part of college so far?” I didn’t even know how to answer at first. I was only a freshman. What did I have to say for myself about college? After a few seconds of thinking it sort of struck me. “The people. I never would have met any of the incredible people that I’ve met if I hadn’t decided to come here.” The interviewer and I got into a great conversation about everything we are thankful for about choosing to come here instead of staying in our home states.

Moving thousands of miles from my family and friends was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about my college experience so far. (Except maybe taking that dumb class I hated last semester). Coming here to a place where I knew no one was terrifying, but through that fear, I met some of the most amazing people ever. I thank God everyday for the fact that I have two roommates who I actually get along with. I feel so blessed that I can come home after a long day and have two people to just talk to and laugh with. Or cry with. Lots of people don’t have that with their roommates, but I feel so grateful that the three of us work so well together (Well, you know…most of the time). [[They are literally never going to shut up about me writing about them so I am just going to make it known that I will never live this down.]]

roomie pic

I forced myself to join clubs when I moved here. I found communities that I would never have found anywhere else. Who knew that there were 50+ Michigan students who just happened to like Nerdfighting as much I did? Who knew that joining a sports team would actually be something I would do in college? (hahahhahaahaaha just kidding I’m the photographer of the Quidditch team. Don’t worry. I still can’t actually play a sport). Out of some crazy string of events, I became best friends with two amazing girls and we started a club on our own here? I still don’t really believe that that’s a thing.


(I’m not even in this picture, but I took it, so that counts. #Team1.5)

The people I’ve met and interacted with here have completely changed my outlook on life. It’s really crazy to try to imagine what my life would be like if I had decided to attend college somewhere else. So thank you to all of the awesome people I’ve met here. You’ve made moving across the country a heck of a lot easier and so much more rewarding. You’re all awesome.


Don’t Forget to be Awesome.


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